elvis3 e-motion

When electric vehicles were introduced, a new class of noises was also introduced into car acoustics. Which is, the sound of silence, due to the missing combustion engine. But also new annoying noises, for example created by high power electric motors, as well as some old friends which are now for the first time emerging due to the reduced masking.

Let’s take a look at the facts:

  • a new technology  needs Security
  • a new vehicle generation needs a new and different identity
  • a new class of vehicles needs emotion

elvis3 e-motion delivers all of this.

elvis3 e-motion creates a new vehicle-specific sound according to the current driving parameters. These Sound Signatures, which are basically software creating the sound synthesis, define the sound characteristics for a given car. The computed sound stream is projected outside the car to produce its audio identity. A variant is projected inside to improve noise quality, driving experience, and level of feedback to the driver. The system can be integrated as a software library into the car’s head unit, or run on its own hardware, either as a fixed installation or as a portable unit to be connected to the navigation device.

elvis3 e-motion for the first time enables you to establish your brand sound in a flexible and all-encompassing way. As long as other manufacturers have not claimed their grounds the field is wide open. Early adopters have the one-time chance to freely choose and create their electric vehicle brand sound, before others have broken the ground and settled down.