elvis3 Head Unit Hardware 

The elvis3 hardware kit is a building block system for creating head units meeting automotive standards. According to your specification, we prepare and configure the layout.

Due to the well thought-out design of the building blocks, your imagination (and the sky) is the limit.


Our elvis3 hardware kit scales flexibly with your demands. It permits the construction of high performance head units with many processing kernels working in parallel, and also the realization of designs equipped with but a minimum of calculation horse-power to maximize cost-efficiency.

Selected System Components

  • DSP
  • Microcontroller
  • MCU
  • internal / external flash memory
  • CAN Interfacing
  • JTAG Interfacing
  • AD-Converter
  • DA-Converter
  • Watchdog
  • Class-D Amplification
  • Inside / outside loudspeakers
  • Actuators