For decades car acousticians have been striving to improve the noise characteristics of combustion engines. No other sound is so closely associated with a car and therefore of such high relevance to the driver. The conditions which produce any engine’s sound are of course highly complex, which makes it quite hard and costly to linearly influence and alter it.

Current trends in engine construction such as downsizing, reduction of the number of cylinders, dynamic allocation and shut-down of cylinders, the constraints imposed by platform-based engineering, and the ever increasing requirements concerning exhaust and gas comsumption constantly raise the bar and more often than not lead to a disappointing decrease in engine sound quality.

Over the last decade car manufacturers had to acknowledge that modern cars with their silenced engines and engine compartments do not offer the kind of feedback the driver needs and expects. A number of different approaches to support the sound of combustion engines have been tried. These are either passive and put part of the carburetor noise back into the car’s interior, or active and generate selected engine orders for playback to the passengers. Limiting the concept to the addition of engine orders only permits a one-dimensional improvement, i.e. only sportiness can be added.

elvis3 in contrast is based on an advanced idea. The system follows a holistic approach which optimizes all noise attributes of a given car. It offers adding engine orders to support the car’s sportiness with the cesar module (Combustion Engine Support ARchitecture). But elvis3 in addition generates highly dynamic, complex Sound Signatures by means of its other modules (E-motion, CASE, PANC). Apart from the desired improvement of the noise quality, the system raises the level of comfort and harmonizes the driving noises from engine, wind, and tires. In short, elvis3 is the encompassing tool which for the first time allows the car manufacturer to flexibly create, fine-tune, and fully deploy the brand’s identity across their entire line of vehicles.