The system modules elvise-motion and cesar improve the noise by means of adding carefully crafted noise components. Standard noise cleaning, performed in advance, can help to optimize vehicle noises in many cases. We are offering professional NVH consulting services with many years of experience and as even more manufacturers under our belt.

Certain noise components can be reduced employing an active approach. This is especially true for low frequency noises in the passenger compartment, where low engine orders and components of the tire noises can be reduced. Using the so-called Active Noise Canceling the sound field in the car interior is constantly measured and analyzed in order to generate anti-phase signals. These additional signals ideally lead to a complete cancellation of the desired frequencies. The level of reduction that can be achieved is depending on the interior’s acoustic properties, the number of measurement microphones, number and quality of loudspeakers, and of course on the frequency of the noise to be treated.

A combination of active noise generation in elvis3 with Active Noise Cancelling in the module panc (Parametric Automated Noise Control) permits a wide range of noise improvements for top-notch quality cars.