Electric vehicles are not only more friendly to the environment, they are also more quiet than conventional vehicles. This is an advantage because noise pollution especially in urban structures is reduced.

Unfortunately electric vehicles are “too” quiet, resulting in a higher risk that they are not heard by others in time.

Our orientation in our environment is driven by hearing. We hear what’s going on behind us, but we can’t see it. Vision is restricted to a field of about 120°, hearing is 360° all around.

As a consequence accidents with pedestrians and cyclists have doubled compared to vehicles with combustion engine.

We know that

  • Vehicles with too quiet exterior noise put human lives at risk
  • Legislative rules for a mandatory minimum exterior sound are currently being drafted in Japan and the US
  • Europe will not be able to avoid legislation, it is only a question of time when corresponding law will follow in the EU

Combustion engines

Vehicles with combustion engine are getting quieter and quieter – both on the exterior and the interior. As a consequence, a very high effort has to be made to optimize each individual component acoustically.

elvis3 streamlines and reduces this effort and thus saves costs and time.

Brand Identity

elvis3 implements the Brand Identity into each vehicle – no matter if electric, hybrid or combustion. Besides this solution on the vehicle level we offer you support in the development of the Brand Identity itself, starting with the composition of the audio logo over the design of the feedback sounds up to the driving sounds.