Vehicle Types

elvis3 – the system for all OEM manufacturers who know how crucial to a car’s success its acoustics are:

  • Electric Vehicles (also with only 2 wheels!)
    - elvis3 e-motion and case
  • Hybrid Vehicles
    - elvis3 e-motion, cesar, case, and panc
  • Combustion Vehicles
    - cesar, case, and panc

Because elviscan be employed so flexibly in all vehicle classes mentioned above, for the first time a comprehensive acoustic Brand Identity an be planned, developed, and mass-produced in a consistent way truely worthy of engineers. The unification of the components saves time and costs across the entire production series.

One system for all requirements. elvis3.

Outside and inside. For electric, hybrid, and combustion engines. 

elviscan also be readily used in the aftermarket, for example in its own hardware device.