Vehicle Integration

elvis3 can be integrated into your vehicle in a number of different approaches:

  • As a separate hardware unit which communicates with the vehicles data busses and its audio system for playback of the interior sounds.
    We are the first supplier world-wide equipping a mass-produced vehicle with such a system.
  • Full integration of elvis3 into the vehicle’s multimedia component
  • Separate mobile head unit which can be used for other applications such as telephone, navigation, or entertainment
  • As an aftermarket solution for retro-fitting

For starters, we suggest the following procedure:

  • We measure your vehicles’ noises for optimum integration with the elvis3 interactive Sound Signatures later on in the process
  • We draft the requirements for the interactive Sound Signatures for your vehicles and your brand in close cooperation with you
  • We develop the defined Sound Signatures in an iterative process
  • Definition of the outside loudspeakers’ locations
  • We test-drive the signatures in a demonstrator car for further refinement of the sound and the installation
  • We develop, manufacture, and deliver the solution for mass production

To sum it all up, elvis3 is an application communicating with the vehicle over its data busses to generate the right sounds and noises at the right time. The sounds are being generated in accordance to any vehicle parameters desired, e.g. speed, rpm, load, gear, driving direction, component activation, etc.).